Spotter 4.0 Review

Use augmented reality to find places of interest near you with Spotter.

New technology called "augmented reality" allows a device to superimpose objects or labels over a real-world environment when viewed through the device. Spotter does this in a very useful way. With this app you are able to pick a point of interest and then see the label float over the actual location. This is particularly useful when walking through a big city and trying to find a small restaurant or an ATM.

As a surprisingly small application, Spotter loads instantly and requires no advanced settings or registration. It receives your location using the device's GPS, so it must be toggled on while using the application. The main menu consists of a simple selection box that allows the user to choose what type of location they are looking for. A range must also be selected in an effort to narrow down the search. Once the search has been set, the application will display a list of all the locations in that category. Individual locations can be selected for viewing or all locations may be displayed. Once that step is completed Spotter allows the user to view the locations on a map or through augmented reality. Through the augmented reality mode the screen displays an image as seen through the camera lens. Labels will now appear augmented over the locations and will also show the distance from your location.

While Spotter may have a pretty limited use, it is still entertaining. It is fun to see the world labeled for your convenience. Spotter is recommended to anyone who travels by foot, and is particularly useful in crowded, big cities.

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