Picture Editor - Sketch Artist 1.0.1 Review

Add frames, filters, and text to your favorite photos and share them online.

Photo editors on Android are about as easy to find as a needle in a pile of needles. In its quest to differentiate itself from the pack, this app falls short, though. Picture Editor - Sketch Artist has a few cute features but is riddled with ads.

This app will show up with a different name -- Photo Sketch -- when you actually download it. It shows up with a ton of ads, too. These don't just take up a huge chunk of the app's screen, but hide in your status bar and browser, as well. Sharing from the app is easy enough, but the app won't help you create any picture worth sharing. All of the filters, borders, and frames are the same effects that you'll find in other filtering apps and look mediocre at best. The only decent ones in the app require a paid upgrade. Picture Editor - Sketch Artist does let you add text to your photos, which you won't find in many editing apps. But the text looks just as goofy as your photos do with the crummy filters.

Picture Editor - Sketch Artist offers some cool features but fills your device with ads, too. It performs well but it leaves much to be desired when it comes to available filters. There are dozens of better filtering apps on Android that don't load your phone down with ads.

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