Periodic Table 1.5 Review

Get a detailed version of the periodic table on your Android phone or tablet.

You've seen it on the wall in every science classroom, and now you can have it on your mobile gadget. Periodic Table is just about everything you could ask for in a study buddy. It's detailed, easy to explore, and even lets you do really deep calculations. Whether you're solving chemistry problems every day or just need to ace your Chem final, you'll want this app on your phone or tablet.

When your phone is in landscape mode, you'll see the table just like you've come to expect it. The app focuses on each individual element when you flip to portrait mode, though. You'll see the element's electron count and atomic weight. To prevent endless scrolling, you can search for any element and find more details about it in seconds. Not only can you study the app's numbers, you can compare masses and make dozens of different physics calculations right from Periodic Table's main page. You have to pay a buck to make advanced calculations like Boyle's and Avogadro's Law, though. That might be more than worth the cash. If nothing else, it's worth supporting the app's developers for creating such a useful study aid.

Periodic Table contains an entire textbook worth of information in a surprisingly stylish package. It's a great app for science fanatics and students alike.

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