Notable: Quick Reminder 0.9.3 Review

Slide a reminder or idea onto your status bar with Notable: Quick Reminder.

Most note-taking apps on Android can do everything but sit up and beg. That means creating a quick, short note can be tougher than it should be. Notable: Quick Reminder fixes that by only allowing you to create one line notes. It might work if you just need a note fast, but you'll probably be better off with a more dynamic reminder app.

Notable: Quick Reminder focuses on just taking quick notes with no frills. That means there's no online syncing, list support, Web page clipping, or anything else you'd find in most note-taking apps. The only thing you're allowed to do outside of taking notes is change the color of your memos. Once you've created a note, it finds a home in your status bar for safe keeping until you remove it. If you make the note disappear, it's gone for good. There's no way to set recurring notes or integrate with your calendar. The only neat feature in Notable is that a link to the app, itself, lives in your status bar. However, some users might find this more annoying than useful.

Being simple and easy to use is one thing, but having no features whatsoever is another. Notable: Quick Reminder sacrifices too many things that make it useful for the sake of ease and convenience. If the only thing you need is a quick replacement for a notepad, you might like this app. If you are looking for a more complex note-taking app, this app isn't for you.

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