Kingsoft Office (International) 5.3.1 Review

Get a nifty office suite on your smartphone or tablet with Kingsoft Office (International).

Can't open MS Office documents on your smartphone or tablet? Kingsoft Office (International) gives you a full office suite on your device to help you get any job done. Since it's basically a Microsoft Office clone, it's not the prettiest app you'll find but it is incredibly powerful when it comes to processing documents.

Kingsoft Office (International) installed on our device without any problems. The app works with most of the file formats you'd expect in an office suite -- DOC, TXT, XLS, and others. It can even read and edit PDFs if you need it to. A significant portion of the app's layout is dominated by an Office-esque ribbon, but you can make it disappear with a single touch of the settings button. It still might be a bother on some small-screen phones, though. Each document file behaves just like it would in Microsoft Office, so using the program is almost too easy. The app features programs similar to Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, but doesn't include some of the lesser-used Office programs like Access.

Most Android users will be more than happy with what this Microsoft Office clone provides. Kingsoft Office (International) performs on par with paid alternatives and may even be the best office app on Android. It gives you power to process just about any kind of document from your smartphone or tablet. It almost feels wrong for a free mobile office suite to perform this well.

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