Instant Photo Frames 1.0 Review

Add frames and filters to your smartphone or tablet's photos.

Instant Photo Frames is yet another half-baked photo filtering app trying desperately to cash in on the Instagram hype. Instead of giving you cool photos you'll want to share on Facebook and Twitter, Instant Photo Frames gives you nothing but ads... so many ads that it's hard to actually see what this app does, since you'll have to jump through at least three ads before you get to it.

When you first load the app, it sends you to the Play Store page for a random gaming app -- not the app, itself. It also starts sending ads to your status bar right off the bat, too. You'll have to frantically close a handful of spam pages before you can even get to what the app actually does. Once you're inside of Instant Photo Frames, it continues to disappoint. The filters are the same stock filters you'll find in other apps. Worse still, they just get pasted over your photo, blurring the original picture instead of making it look better. The frames you can put around your photos are even worse. Each one has a section cut out for you to paste your photo into. However, no matter how you arrange the photo, you'll usually see more background than actual picture.

No matter how you slice it, this app lags behind just about every photo app on Android. Instant Photo Frames slams you with too many ads to even be worth considering. Since the app usually makes your photos look worse instead of better, you won't be missing much, anyway.

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