Insta Collage Bokeh 1.01 Review

Create collages with effects and cool photo blur with Insta Collage Bokeh.

Collages are an easy way to share dozens of photos at once. If you want to share all the photos on your smartphone, Insta Collage Bokeh gets the job done. It's loaded with ads and you don't have a ton of control over how your collage looks, though.

Not only does Insta Collage Bokeh allow you to create collages, it can filter and add borders to photos, too. However, the filters available aren't anything new or interesting. The "Bokeh" effects aren't nearly groundbreaking enough to carry this app, either. In most cases, they'll cover up the actual content of the photo and make it look terrible. Once you're finished editing each photo, you can slide it anywhere you want in the collage. Sadly, there are not any templates you can use to keep your collages organized. You can't resize or rotate the photos in the collage, either. All you can do is move them around.

When it's easier to count the things the app doesn't do compared to what it does do, you know you have trouble. It's interesting to see an app do both photo editing and collage making. Sadly, Insta Collage Bokeh doesn't shine in either of these endeavors.

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