Harlem Shake Maker 1.4 Review

Do the Harlem Shake with some help from this app.

Still can't get enough of the viral Harlem Shake meme? You can try to make your own with this video-shooting app. You're far more likely to get force close after force close than an actual Harlem Shake video, though. Harlem Shake Maker performs worse than simply shooting a video with your phone's camera app.

The app makes you shoot two separate 15-second clips and then splices them together. After shooting the first clip, Harlem Shake Maker force closes more often than not. The same thing happens after you shoot the second clip, too. Then, when it comes time to splice them all together, the app will send you misspelled error messages over and over again instead of a real video. If you do get a video, it's very badly made and the app won't even add the famous song. The only real perk that might make this app worth using is the 15-second timer that shows up while you're shooting. However, that's not enough to make this app worth downloading.

Harlem Shake Maker seems to be a really terrible way of cashing in on a meme that's pretty much run its course, anyway. Stick with shooting videos the normal way if you really want to make a Harlem Shake video. You'll get better results than you will with this app, every time.

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