Fusion Messenger 0.66 Review

Send and receive messages from multiple accounts at once with Fusion Messenger.

The average smartphone user has more than one inbox they have to keep track of. Fusion Messenger might one day unite them all, but it's not quite there yet. Since it's still in beta, it doesn't work with many inboxes. It doesn't play that nicely with the apps it does support, either.

This version of Fusion Messenger only syncs your messages with your Google Voice inbox. Since this app is still in public beta, you'll probably find some weird quirks and random crashes. The first thing you run into is that the app tells you it will conflict with just about any other messaging app already on your phone. The only app it works with currently is Google Voice. You can sync with it just by touching a button, but it takes a while for your messages to pop up. However, the developers promise the ability to sync with more apps in the future. You can decorate Fusion Messenger with tons of colors and themes, most of which look cool. There's no easy way to color code conversations, though. That means you might be a little confused when you're trying to figure out the last thing you said to someone.

Fusion Messenger offers smooth and stylish looks, especially for an app that's still in beta. It boasts reliable performance in most cases, too. Once this app updates to support more third-party messaging apps, it will definitely be one to watch out for. Until then, stick with your current inbox setup for the most support and features.

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