Crazy Moto 3D 1.1 Review

Race the clock and the cops in this Road Rash knockoff.

If you were born to be wild, you might find some fun in this motorcycle game. However, the frustrating controls and mediocre graphics make it a tough sell. CrazyMoto 3D is reminiscent of a few other bike games you may remember, but it falls short of capturing the fun of those favorites.

If you were a fan of Road Rash in the 90's, you'll feel comfortable with this game. It offers the same premise of dodging traffic and attacking cops and cars with weapons you find on the road. Instead of racing other drivers, you're collecting coins and trying to survive, though. You have to tilt your phone to move, but CrazyMoto 3D responds far too quickly to even the slightest turn. There are plenty of power-ups to find but navigating into them is quite difficult. When you launch the app or navigate away from the game, the app tries to get you to download another app. Thankfully, it doesn't hit you with ads every time you finish a run, because then you'd be seeing them far too often.

Unfortunately, the game takes a long time to get used to and isn't much fun once you do get comfortable. CrazyMoto 3D won't win any awards or even many fans with its lukewarm gameplay and boring graphics. However, if you like racing games, this one might be worth the download and a few trials. Don't expect to be wowed with this time waster, though.

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