Craigslist Minimalist Browser 1.0.1 Review

Navigate through Craigslist's ads conveniently from your Android smartphone or tablet.

For being such a low-maintenance site, Craigslist can be a pain on mobile gadgets. Fortunately, Craigslist Minimalist Browser lets you surf the famed classified site much faster than you're used to. It takes a while to load on the first try, but you'll love the added speed and improved search this app offers once it's up and running.

When you first try to load the app, it will hang for a little while and may crash. Every time after that, the app loads in seconds and takes you right to an easy search menu. Craigslist Minimalist Browser's layout will remind you a lot of Craigslist, itself, with a few helpful tweaks. There are fewer buttons for you to hit (and miss in most cases when browsing Craigslist) and pictures are integrated right into the listings. You'll also see a little bit of text from each ad before you have to click to learn more. This will save you plenty of time as you're browsing listings. In addition to better browsing, the app's search outclasses Craigslist's.

This app looks and feels like the app Craigslist should have made, itself. If you're tired of looking at the unfriendly Craigslist mobile site, Craigslist Minimalist Browser provides welcome relief. It will make finding exactly what you're looking for a true delight.

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