Color Touch 2.0 Review

Touch up your photos with various colors and effects using Color Touch.

Re-coloring a photo is an easy way to add a quick artistic flare. This app can add hundreds of different colors and shades to your photos. Color Touch is a little ad-happy, but it makes up for it with an easy-to-figure-out layout and cool coloring effects. There are enough options to keep the app fresh and cool through multiple uses.

The app appears as "Color Effects" in both your phone's app menu and the app's layout, itself. It makes you sign up for status bar and browser hijacking ads, too. If you accept, the app takes pictures from your phone, camera, or even your Facebook profile to give them a touch of color. Color Touch sometimes has trouble finding and connecting to your Facebook, though. As for actually editing pictures, the app gives you a paint brush to add any color you want to your pictures. It makes them black and white by default, but you can restore the original color with one touch. The app supports tons of different colors and you can share your creation right from the app on multiple social networks.

If you can deal with the app's weird hang-ups and ads, it's surprisingly fun. Color Touch makes it easy to paint your photos in a way many other photo-editors can't offer. It's not nearly as feature-packed as other Android apps, but it does what it claims to do well.

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