Camera 360 1.0.1 Review

Add more shooting modes and features to your smartphone's camera.

If your smartphone has become your point-and-shoot camera, you're probably missing some of your go-to shooting modes. Camera 360 will help bring them back and add some cool effects, too. It's a big shift from what you're used to in Android's default camera, but it's a switch worth making.

This app does away with the translucent viewfinder tools you'll find in most camera apps. That means there's not as much room for you to actually frame your shot, sadly. It's even worse when you factor in the ad that the app floods the screen with. Camera 360 does make it easy to find the buttons and triggers you're looking for to add effects to your photos. You can add lighting effects and up the exposures just like you would on an SLR. You can tinker with the depth, focus, and other high-end photography features in your shot, too. What's more, instead of creating another folder for your photos like some other apps do, this app saves right to your default folders to make organization easy.

If it didn't have ads or a bizarre layout, it'd be one of the best camera apps on Android. Even with those exceptions, Camera 360 still stands tall on features and performance alone. It will help you take better photos without the steep learning curve you might expect from photo apps. If you know what you're doing in terms of shooting, it can help you take really fantastic shots.

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