Atrium for Facebook 1.3.1 Review

See what's happening on Facebook at any time with this powerful client.

If Facebook's default app isn't useful enough for you, this app may give you what you need. Atrium adds plenty of information to your Facebook feed, while still maintaining most of the look you're accustomed to. It's a pain to set up, but it rewards your patience with an interesting new way to look at your feed.

The app asks for permission to access just about everything your profile can do. This makes sense, since it's trying to be a complete replacement for Facebook's default app. It still might raise some eyebrows, though. Once you've given it all the permissions it requires, the app takes forever to finish its setup process and actually load your friends list. Crashes are remarkably frequent, too. When Atrium does work, it's an interesting departure from Facebook's default feed. It sacrifices a lot of the plain, simple look of Facebook for more details and easier access to features. You can see detailed status information about your friends from any page you're on and the sidebar menu keeps things organized better.

If you're a fan of function over form, you might appreciate this app. It gives you more features and information but sacrifices some of Facebook's trademark good looks to do it. Atrium takes a bit too long to set up, but works well once you've finished putting everything in order. Watch out for the occasional ads, though!

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