Air Hockey 1.4 Review

Play the famed tabletop game with the computer or friends.

Don't bother plunking quarter after quarter in your local arcade to play your favorite puck-flinging game. Air Hockey lets you take on a friend or more challenging computer in a fun take on the arcade favorite. It's a little heavy on the ads, but the game is plenty of fun if you can get past that.

The game lets you choose from multiple paddle, puck, and tabletop designs to play your game. The four difficulty levels -- from easy to "insane" -- start off relatively challenging and get ridiculously difficult if you don't know what you're doing. Air Hockey is surprisingly low on memory usage, but still suffers from the occasional random crash. It also hits you with ads after every game and even before the puck drops, in multiplayer games. That's the only thing that slows your game down, though. Your paddle responds instantly to your touch, even when two people are playing. There's enough room for comfortable multiplayer games, too.

If you can stomach the frequent ads, you'll be rewarded with a really solid game. It's got tons of customization, challenging opponents, and enough graphical power to keep you satisfied. Air Hockey is one of the better takes on the tabletop game that you can find on Android.

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