3D Waterfall Wallpaper 1.0 Review

Get a new, calming wallpaper whenever you want with 3D Waterfall Wallpaper.

Running your app as if it's a bait-and-switch scam is no way to win people over. 3D Waterfall Wallpaper does live up to its name with a few gorgeous, high-resolution wallpapers. However, the way the app bombards you with ads is unforgivable. You can find these pictures elsewhere, and you really should to avoid installing this app.

It's bad enough that the app makes you agree to see all sorts of scammy ads before you can even get to the wallpaper. However, the longer you have the app open, the more ads you'll have to duck and dodge. They pop up as you're scrolling through wallpapers, making it almost impossible to not click them, or when 3D Waterfall Wallpaper is idling. They even pop up on your home screens and in other weird places, as well. It really feels like there's no escape. Combine that with the gross layout and it's almost physically painful to stay inside the app. If you do, you can set a wallpaper right from the app and turn it into a puzzle.

There aren't many positive things to say about 3D Waterfall Wallpaper, really. The wallpapers are okay to look at, but they actually look terrible once you've installed them on your device. Even if they were the best wallpapers in the world, they're better avoided.

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