WorldCard Link 1.2.0 Review

Use your phone to capture and store business card information on the go.

There is something about a business card. That small piece of cardstock is the foundation of millions of networking success stories every year, making it a vital tool for anyone who frequently goes to networking events, business lunches, or conferences. Yet, increasingly contact lists and communication tools are online only, so the traditional business card holder isn't an option to organize all that useful information. This is why apps like WorldCard Link are becoming increasingly popular, providing a quick and easy way to digitize business cards and share contact information.

WorldCard Link is an ingenious blend of technology both new and old, allowing you to match business cards to contact information on your phone, store those contacts in the cloud, e-mail them to colleagues or coworkers, or simply keep them safe on your phone. Even more impressive is the WorldCard Link business card reading stand. From Pen Power Inc. the stand is a low-tech alternative to the standalone business card readers the company is known for. It is optional for use with the app, but when installed it ensures a perfect capture each time, as well as more accurate scanning in the app.

There are quite a few business card scanning tools on the App Store, but WorldCard Link is one of the few that uses both digital and physical technology to get it right. While the price is higher when you include the stand, the speed and accuracy of the system is exceptional. When combined with the cloud storage capabilities and sharing and contact integration functions, it is one of the better business card reading and storing systems around.

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