Timer of TOEIC 1.0 Review

Keep track of your practice test times with this customized TOEIC timer app.

The TOEIC or Test of English for International Communication is a test given to professionals in non-English speaking countries to measure their ability to communicate in an English language setting. There are a number of tools including both books and apps available to help prepare for the test. The Timer of TOEIC is one such tool, providing a timer that matches the individual sections on the TOEIC test.

The timer, itself, is fairly simple. You can set the amount of time for each of the timed sections (Parts V, VI, and VII), turn the alarm on and off, lock the screen, or measure the time taken per question on the test. When you start, simply tap the Start button and then press "Finish" when done with each section. The app will keep track of all three sections and provide a total time when done. On the negative side, the layout is never fully explained, nor does it provide clear directions for how to track question times. Despite some flaws in user guidance, Timer of TOEIC was still a useful tool for test preparation.

This is a very limited app that is designed only for those taking or preparing to take the TOEIC. However, if this describes you and you are looking for a tool that can sharpen your edge going into the test, this is a good app to download and experiment with in your preparations.

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