Swipea Tangram Puzzles for Kids: Houseware 1.3.8 Review

Finish the puzzles to reveal the household items in the newest from Swipea.

Tangram puzzles are a fantastic tool when teaching young children geometry, spacial relationships, and art concepts. The iPad is a perfect device for completing tangram puzzles, so when the two are combined, you have a well-structured educational app that is a lot of fun to play. Perhaps that is why Swipea has created nearly a dozen versions of their very popular tangram puzzle apps, each with a different theme. The Swipea Tangram Puzzles for Kids: Houseware edition is identical to the others, but with a focus on household items.

The app's interface will take some time to get used to, initially. All of the icons are presented as tangram puzzle pieces and they are not always clearly marked so there will be some trial and error in finding the right menus. The games are the focal point, however, and in this case, they are quite well structured. The puzzles require children to drag and drop the pieces from the right side of the screen to the center and position them. Moving and rotating pieces is made easy with simple touch gestures and there are even some fun things you can add to the puzzle to make it livelier.

Swipea's Tangram Puzzles for Kids apps are designed to tap into a child's inner desire to build and learn. The presentation and distribution of features in this app manage to do that and then some. While ads, paid upgrade prompts, and the occasionally frustrating interface design can detract from the overall experience, most children will greatly enjoy the puzzles that this app offers.

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