Sudoku Joy 4.1 Review

Master this brain-bending game with a robust, lesson-filled app.

The iPad is a perfect device for Sudoku puzzles. The size, touch screen interface, and ability to quickly download new puzzles on the go make it ideal for the methodical completion of these brain-busting puzzles. But not all Sudoku apps are created equal. Some are mere attempts to cash in on the craze while others are bare bones with almost no training or tutorial options. That's why Sudoku Joy is such an impressive app. Providing a plethora of options, puzzles, and training materials, it is one of the better Sudoku experiences for the iPad on the App Store.

At first glance, Sudoku Joy doesn't appear like it will be all that great of an app. The menus are jumbled, the ads are intrusive, and it's not easy to find any one feature. However, after a few minutes of using the app, we found that the rudimentary interface is much less of an issue as you play the games. There are just too many features here to not enjoy the experience. From training lessons that show you simultaneously how to play Sudoku and use the app, to the daily puzzles and near endless supply of variations, it's a Sudoku lover's paradise.

If the only major issue to be found with Sudoku Joy is the bare bones interface, consider it a victory for Sudoku puzzle lovers everywhere. This is an app that will keep you entertained for hours, whether you've been playing the game with pen and paper for years or hopping from app to app hoping to find a more rewarding experience.

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