Simple Base Converter 1.2 Review

Change decimal, bin, oct, and hex base numbers with this simple converter.

One of the best things about the App Store and the iOS devices it supports is that for nearly any issue you can imagine, there's an app designed to fix it. Simple Base Converter is such an app, a much-needed tool for programmers and engineers that is simple and straightforward to use.

Simple Base Converter uses the basic calculator interface on the iPhone but replaces the function buttons with base descriptions -- in this case, decimal, binary, base eight, and base six. To use the app, simply enter a string of numbers in any of the four sets and tap one of the other bases to convert it. The beauty of the app is that you can do this from any of the four bases, easily converting binary or hex codes into decimal strings just as easily as the other way around. It's a very limited app, however. There are no saving functions and you can't copy or paste into or out of the app; but if all you need is a quick conversion tool, it gets the job done.

For anyone who is frequently converting numbers between any of the core six base sets, this is a much needed iPhone app. Save time loading up similar tools on your desktop and quickly convert any string of numbers you have to the final format you need.

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