School Timetable HD 1.3 Review

Add classes, teachers, and locations in this school timetable tracker.

There is a huge volume of calendar and timekeeping apps on the App Store. The number seems to grow exponentially with each update of the App Store, making it nearly impossible to tell one from another. So it's rare to find an app like School Timetable HD that succinctly resolves the issues it was designed for without extraneous features, messy design, or buggy operation.

School Timetable HD is designed to keep track of your classes Monday through Friday, with notes for each class period and teacher. The app opens with a grid showing Monday through Friday and five rows. Tap on any of the 25 squares to bring up an input interface. You can now color code that spot and add the subject, classroom, teacher, and number. It's possible to create four schedule variations, making this a very useful tool for parents tracking their children's classes. But because the app doesn't allow for more than five courses per day and there are no listings for Saturday or Sunday, it can be limiting in some situations.

Cleanly designed, minimal in feature sets, and effective in what it does, School Timetable HD is a well-made app that also has a lot of room for improvement and growth. For what it currently does, it works quite well. But in the future, the developer has a number of options for adding new functions and features that could make it an even more powerful app and a standout as one of the few good calendar apps on the App Store.

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