QR Reader 1.2 Review

Generate, scan, and share QR codes with your iPad or iPhone.

QR codes have had an interesting role in technology culture in recent years. These small square codes allow you to encode anything from an e-mail address to a Web site address that users could scan with a mobile device's camera. QR Reader is an app designed to do just that, providing an intuitive interface that makes it easy to scan, save, and share those QR codes with anyone.

QR Reader is primarily designed for scanning QR codes as the name indicates. However, it works equally well to create your own QR codes. In fact, the QR code generation interface is very easy to use. Simply choose the type of information you want to encode, create the code, and share it with people directly from the app. This is perfect for bloggers, business owners, or people who just like to play with new technology. The reading function is equally effective, not only because it is quick and responsive, but also because you can save those QR codes for later reference or sharing from the app.

While there are hundreds of QR readers, scanners, and creators on the App Store, QR Reader is one of the more robust, feature-rich options available, and it works for both the iPad and iPhone. If you are looking for a good QR reader that can not only read but also create QR codes, then this is a good place to start.

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