Photo Folder for iPhone Lite2 2.0 Review

Access, move, and back up photos and folders on your iPhone with this app.

The iPhone and iPad have incredibly powerful point-and-shoot cameras, and the photos taken with these devices can be proudly displayed on social networks everywhere. But moving photos between devices, cloud storage accounts, and computers is not easy. With the volume of photos most people have, the speed with which space fills up on an iPhone, and the number of ways to back them up, a tool like Photo Folder is a must.

Photo Folder is designed to integrate with your photo albums, other iOS devices, and Dropbox, to move images to and from various accounts. The transfer process works quite well in most cases so the app is effective in that regard; but the actual setup and use of these functions are not easy. The first time you turn on Photo Folder you will likely spend a few minutes just finding any one function and there are no onscreen tools or tips to help you in the process. The interface is bare bones, which is just as well because of how much more complicated it could become. Creating folders and seeing your photos in one space across all of those devices is a useful function, and for those with large collections, Photo Folder will be a useful app.

If you can get past the poor documentation and limited interface, Photo Folder has a handful of very powerful functions. The number of people who will need them over something like iCloud and Photostream is limited, but those who do will find it a welcome upgrade.

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