Kiddie Captions 1.1 Review

Snap and save photos and captions with this uneven iPhone app.

At first glance, Kiddie Captions appears to be an app without a clear purpose. As you register, add your children to the app, and start taking photos, however, it becomes apparent that this is a glorified scrapbook creator and photo tagger. The number of people who will find use in this app is limited, and the interface is frustrating enough to be a major barrier for even those few.

Upon starting the app, you are required to register with the developer. The registration process is not optional, nor is adding your children. In fact, none of the app's functions will work fully until you have registered and added at least one child (including a photo). This will be a big turnoff for many users. Beyond privacy concerns, it's hard to determine exactly what each function of the app does. The interface is not clearly labeled and the app doesn't provide any pointers or hints when navigating through it. Sharing is done while logged in, and the events you save do look very nice. Basically, the functions in this app are well designed, just poorly executed. As you start adding photos and placing captions, the question arises: Why use a tool like this instead of Facebook or a scrapbooking app? In the end, Kiddie Captions doesn't seem to offer any compelling reasons to use it over other options that are more easy to use.

This is an app to keep an eye on for future versions, but not one we can recommend now over others on the market. At this time, there are many other apps that do a much better job of saving and sharing photo memories for parents of young children.

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