Intellicast HD 3.6 Review

Track current conditions, check the forecast, and more with this robust weather app.

The iPad is a perfect device for tracking and interacting with weather forecasts. As a result there are quite a few weather apps on the App Store. While it may not suit those who want very basic information, Intellicast HD provides a wealth of information about the weather in your area.

For the most part Intellicast HD is a very good app. It opens quickly, displays all of the information you need up front, and the ads are non-intrusive. The home interface is a satellite map of your location (if you enable GPS), but unlike some other weather apps, it also includes all of the other information you need such as current conditions, the five day forecast, and tabs for checking wind speed, precipitation, and alerts. In fact, Intellicast may have too many things on the screen at once, making it hard to find any one specific piece of information. However, it's all there, and there are no limitations for the free version of this app.

Intellicast HD is a quick, responsive, easy-to-use weather app that has a lot of information to sort through. The interface is not ideal in that it provides too much up front, especially if all you need is a five-day forecast, but for weather aficionados or those who are traveling in the near future, it is an invaluable tool that will keep you plugged into the upcoming forecast in real time.

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