Image Uploader 1.2 Review

Upload existing images from your photo library or take new ones and upload with this iPhone app.

Image Uploader is designed to streamline the process of moving images from your iPhone to a server or Web site. It does this by providing you with the tools to connect and interact with a host of your choosing. However, the actual act of connecting and uploading images can be frustrating if you are not familiar with the technologies being used to do it, making this a very limiting app for most users.

When you first open Image Uploader, you can choose to take a photo or connect to your photo library and access existing images. The app doesn't provide any guidance in this, however, and at no point are you given a tutorial or Help menu to walk through the upload process. Tap the settings button and you are presented with a connection menu for whatever site you want to add photos to. You'll need the host name, page name, log-in details, and folder information for your server, so if any of this is unfamiliar, this part will already be difficult for you. The actual upload process works well enough once you connect, but the barrier for entry is so steep that it's hard to imagine many non-technical users moving past it.

If you need to upload images to a server, understand the protocols involved in doing so, and are looking for an app that facilitates the transfer, consider Image Uploader. For everyone else, stick with the much simpler file transfer tools or even iPhoto. They are easier, faster, and much more user- friendly when trying to move any number of images between your iPhone and a computer.

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