Crazy Photo Booth 2 Review

Use one of 25 filters to transform existing photos in your library or those taken from within the app.

Increasingly, the iPhone and iPad are becoming go-to devices for taking, editing, and sharing photos. With powerful, built-in cameras and Internet connections, you don't need a second device or a computer to take photos and share them with friends on the go. Filter apps like Crazy Photo Booth 2 take this to the next level by providing multiple ways to transform or add effects to your photos. Is this particular app worth the download, however? It depends on what types of filters you need.

Crazy Photo Booth 2 is free and features the standard ad bars that are found in most free apps. The photo effects promised in its title are free and there are no limits on the size of a photo imported or exported by the app -- a limitation that pops up frequently in other free photo editing apps. Pop-ups occur frequently, however, prompting you to upgrade your app, and the ads rotate fast enough to be distracting. Combined with a messy, scattered interface and the fact that the app will ask for access to your photo library every time you open it, you have a frustrating array of features that make it harder than necessary to edit any one photo.

Crazy Photo Booth 2 is a good app in that it doesn't limit the basic functions promised in the App Store to make you upgrade to the paid version. However, the core design is messy, the ads are distracting, and the filters are not always of the quality you would expect or want when editing the already decent photos that your iPad or iPhone can take. If you want to quickly convert a photo to black and white, this is a good app; for more robust edits, you may want a more powerful tool.

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