Converter Pro 1.0 Review

Convert measurements, medical units, currency, and more.

There was once a time before everyone had an Internet-capable device in their pocket, when converting various measurements while cooking or finishing homework assignments would take time or require a sharper memory. Today, smartphones alleviate this problem almost entirely with apps like Converter Pro. Combining conversion tools for dozens of different weights, volumes, currencies, temperatures, and medical units, Converter Pro is a very useful tool for your iPhone or iPad if you are willing to look past its shortcomings.

Converter Pro provides tools to instantly convert one of many different units into any other included in its library. The list of options is comprehensive and the conversions are quick and accurate; but the interface is not very user-friendly, making it hard to know where any single conversion table is located. Combined with onscreen ads and limitations on certain conversions, there are numerous issues with this app.

For those that need a tool that can accurately and quickly make conversions, and who do not mind the hunting that is required to find each conversion table, Converter Pro works quite well. However, the interface leaves much to be desired, and because there are so many other free conversion tools on the App Store for both the iPad and iPhone, you can probably find another free tool with an easier to use interface than Converter Pro.

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