Suryl Guardian 6.1.0548 Review

Restore your system with a single click with this easy-to-use shareware.

Suryl Guardian can restore your suddenly wonky or malfunctioning Windows PC to a previously created stable "environment" with the click of a button. If that sounds a lot like the System Restore tool already built into your copy of Windows, you're right. Suryl Guardian basically does what System Restore does; namely, rolls your system back when something's messed up. So what do you get with Suryl Guardian? Two things: 1) It offers lots more than System Restore, like easy scheduling, kiosk mode, password protection, and other options; and 2) it's way easier to use. Suryl Guardian is free to try for 30 days.

Suryl Guardian's wizard-based setup process requires at least one reboot and involves creating your first Environment (restore point). The program's main interface, the Console, has but two buttons: Refresh Computer, which runs the system restore process, and Update Environment, which creates restore points. You can (and should) set up a schedule to regularly create Environments, and Suryl Guardian makes the process very easy. The Advanced Settings includes a separate window for managing Environments. With Tools/Preferences you can, among other things, enable kiosk mode, which adds a refresh with each reboot. Suryl Guardian warns users that the restoration process might require multiple reboots (ditto the Windows tool) and ours did. After removing Suryl Guardian and restoring System Restore (including Group Policy settings) we ran the Windows tool, which did the job, too, only with many more steps.

That's key: Suryl Guardian is for those users who don't want to learn how to fix their PCs beyond what is absolutely necessary. For them, the convenience of being able to roll back unhappy changes with the click of a button outweighs Suryl Guardian's modest cost. Suryl Guardian is a much better choice for the vast majority of PC users who don't know what just happened to their PC, and don't want to know. They just want it back to normal.

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