WordReader read MS Word files 1.07 Review

View MS Word files quickly on your Android device with WordReader.

As mobile devices take on a more prominent role today, file readers are becoming more popular as they allow Android devices to view and/or edit files from Microsoft Word, for example. WordReader is one option, and while it can be useful, there are still many other alternatives that offer more features and work with more file types.

On the plus side, WordReader is a fairly light app that loads very quickly and allows the user to get right to work. The first unusual aspect of this app is the fact that it comes with its own file browser. Microsoft files can be located and viewed through this window. Unfortunately the browser is oversimplified and doesn't support root access. As its name suggests, this app only reads Microsoft Word files and is unable to read other file formats from Microsoft as many other applications can. It seems that the creators simply encourage the users to download separate software for each file type. Additionally, this app also can't edit any files, which would be a welcome addition. The most worrisome thing about this app is the massive amount of unnecessary permissions that it requires. There is no reason that a file reader should need to track location or have access to call logs, let alone access to the Internet.

Overall, this app works well and does what it says. However, with so many useful and feature-filled applications available on the market that are able to read all types of file formats, or even edit files, WordReader doesn't quite cut it. Even for those who want to view only Word documents, the unnecessary permissions are enough for us to recommend that you find a different option.

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