Vintage Camera 1.04 Review

Take pictures with a vintage flair using Vintage Camera.

There are thousands of camera applications available in the Play store that offer legitimate alternatives to the stock camera application. Vintage Camera, however, is not one of them. It proved easy to use, but produces low-quality images and has limited features. Most users may find this application amusing at first but this isn't really an app with staying power.

The installation runs easily and the overall operation of the application is intuitive. While the user interface is simple, it lacks many features. The main screen consists of a viewfinder and a scrolling menu for the various effects. Eight different effects are available in the free version, but they all seem to be rather simple effects, such as color, brightness, and contrast adjustment. This is not too impressive as all of these can be achieved in the stock Android 4.2 camera application. Zooming is not available in Vintage Camera unless you upgrade to the pro version. The overall resolution of the images seems to be pretty low, too. The images are grainy and blurred, regardless of the special filter applied. Unfortunately all the typical features that are normally found in the stock camera application are not available in Vintage Camera. There is simply a shutter button and a flash button.

This app could be fun for a while for users who like to try out different effects. Users who are looking for high-quality effects should skip downloading Vintage Camera as there are too many other superior alternatives.

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