Ravid Video Messenger 2.5.4 Review

Send video messages from your smartphone with Ravid Video Messenger.

In theory, a video messenger that lets you easily share your videos with friends seems to be a pretty useful application. While Ravid Video Messenger follows this model, there are other available applications already offering this option that perform much better.

The application loads quickly and the user interface offers a clean and modern design. Ravid Video Messenger is brightly colored and has sharp, high contrast text. It is easy to read and very intuitive in its use. A short registration is all that is required to begin sharing videos. Ravid Video Messenger allows the user to take videos with the device and then send them to a friend. The catch is that the friend must have the same app installed. If they do not have it, they will not receive the video. They won't even receive an email notifying them of a pending message. That isn't the only problem with Ravid Video Messenger. It often starts up on its own and crashes when least expected. Video quality seems to be downgraded considerably, too.

Ravid Video Messenger doesn't add more functionality to your mobile device. It simply adds another application and forces your friends to do the same. There are many other, more efficient ways to share a video, which basically makes this app clutter that you really don't need on your device.

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