PlayTube Free 1 Review

Arrange YouTube playlists, bookmark videos, search videos by keyword, and more with PlayTube Free.

The standard YouTube application doesn't offer the ability to create a playlist for automatic playback. Fortunately PlayTube Free offers this function as well as a few more that make it a fairly valuable download for YouTube fanatics all over the world.

The setup for PlayTube Free requires no time at all. Once the app has been installed it opens to a simple user interface. With a black background and crisp white text, the menu is easy to read and navigate. The main menu allows the user to search for new videos, browse favorites, check out the history, or playback from saved lists. The search function is fast and features predictive results. Once the correct video has been selected and playback begins, there are many new features. If a music video is playing, lyrics can be displayed on the screen simultaneously. You can also label videos as favorites or add them to playlists through this menu. There is also the option to log into your YouTube account and play videos from the subscriber list. Video playback is fast with no buffering. The trade-off is that all videos are played in a lower resolution than what YouTube typically displays.

Overall PlayTube Free leaves a great impression. It gives the video lover a new tool that they can play with and a few, new versatile features. The playlist feature alone is great, and may signal YouTube that they should add it to their application.

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