Photo Effects Pro 1.5 Review

Edit photos and apply various effects with Photo Effects Pro.

Since most Android devices have a camera, it is only natural that photo- editing applications are in high demand. While the market is full of programs trying to help users enhance or alter their images, most of them don't allow you to edit the photos but simply apply a visual effect filter over them. Photo Effects Pro falls into this category as well, but its ease of use will appeal to the casual user.

The installation of Photo Effects Pro is extremely easy, requiring no advanced settings or registration. This app is obviously designed to be simple and easy to use. The user interface is clean and has clear, crisp text. With its intuitive design and functionality, most users should have little to no difficulty using this app with no instruction. The basic operation of this photo effects app is much like any other similar app. First the user selects a photo from the gallery or by taking a new photo. The photo can then be modified by applying one of several different filters. Options include filters such as pencil sketch, tinted, oversaturation, and more. The user is also able to adjust the contrast and brightness settings as well as crop the photo or round the corners.

Photo Effects Pro performs exactly as advertised. Most users will find effects this app provides suitable for everyday use and sharing on social media. The only downside is that more advanced users will demand considerably more from a photo-editing application. Therefore, this app is recommended for beginners or those new to photo editing.

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