Music Wizard 1.35 Review

Download and listen to music free of charge with Music Wizard app for Android devices.

An application that allows the user to download music for free is an incredibly valuable tool for any music lover, as there are only a few of these available on the market. Music Wizard allows the user to search for music and download it, just like Napster did over a decade ago. While its user interface is not the most feature-filled or most beautifully designed, the app works well.

Music Wizard requires no registration or extra advanced settings during the installation. It quickly opens and doesn't lag or stall. It is fast and functional. The user interface consists of a simple black background with white lettering. It's easy to read and easy to use. A simple search feature enables the user to quickly download a selected song from a list. The song download speeds vary from song to song. Some songs may take a few seconds to download while others may take 10 minutes. Once you download the song you can listen to it through the built-in player. Sound quality seems to be mediocre but good enough for most mobile devices. When the song is played within the application it is often accompanied by album art and lyrics.

An application that works well and delivers a valuable service for free is rare on the Android market. Music Wizard is one of those applications. For users who love music this is definitely one to try. While it isn't perfect, it does deliver music on demand and allows the user to actually add it to their collection.

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