Microsoft Convergence 1.1 Review

Learn more at the annual Microsoft Dynamics Expo with Microsoft Convergence app for Android.

Designed for the annual Microsoft Dynamics Convergence event, the Microsoft Convergence app for Android attempts to give users an augmented experience with features such as an event planner and social media capabilities. The unfortunate reality, though, is that this app doesn't deliver the quality one would expect from something designed for such a technology-focused event.

The installation of Microsoft Convergence seems to be rather simple, requiring only a short online registration in order to complete the process. The overall layout is clean and straightforward, but lacks the prerequisite sophistication that corporate leaders who attend these events would probably expect to see. The most unfortunate aspect of this app, however, is not just its layout and design but the fact that it lags heavily and crashes often. The CPU usage is fairly high even though the demand should be pretty low for such a simple application. This app is supposed to deliver a personalized event calendar that updates continuously, but during our testing updates rarely occurred or were delayed. It also enables the user to enter event evaluations on-the-go, and exchange contact information with exhibitors. These features worked half the time and otherwise crashed the app.

Overall, the Microsoft Convergence app needs work, and the buggy functionality may even detract from the experience of the event, itself.

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