Magic Piano Ringtones 1.1.0 Review

Turn your smartphone into a grand piano with Magic Piano Ringtones app.

Even though your smartphone can turn just about any song into a ringtone, downloadable ringtones aren't going away. This batch, collectively called The Magic Piano, is a group of piano-based ringtones you'll probably enjoy. The ringtones are all of decent quality, but the add-ons that come with the package ruin the appeal.

The app forces you to accept its terms and conditions before you can use any of the ringtones. This includes throwing ads at your phone and changing your default browser's settings to support more ads. If you accept those, the app's browsing menu proves seriously flawed. Every time you try to listen to a sample of one of the songs, the app either doesn't respond or crashes. Therefore you have to just randomly select songs and then listen to them in your phone's settings menu to help you decide. Luckily, most of the tones are nice enough that a random selection is fine. However, that doesn't mean the ends justify the means. Magic Piano Ringtones would have to be as groundbreaking as the works of Beethoven to make up for the mediocre app and awful ad settings.

Magic Piano Ringtones offers a nice range of ringtones, but if you're not happy with the stock ringers on your phone, we suggest you look into a similar, less spammy app.

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