Harlem Shake 1.30 Review

Watch Harlem Shake videos or create your own videos on a smartphone from this sleek app.

YouTube's Harlem Shake meme has come and gone, but don't tell that to this app. Not only does Harlem Shake let you watch all of the best Harlem Shake videos on YouTube, but it also lets you make and upload your own, too. For an app that's trying to cash in on a passing trend, it's remarkably well thought-out and well-made.

Though the app focuses on the popular dance meme, it actually offers a few channels. You'll find gaming and music video lists, too. As for the actual Harlem Shake channel, it has about 400 different versions of the Shake, including the most-popular versions on YouTube. The app seems to just collect YouTube keyword searches, so some of the videos won't work. Harlem Shake doesn't remove videos if they don't allow embedding or have been taken down. Though the app can upload videos right to YouTube, it can't shoot or edit video. That means it's not much better than uploading videos through YouTube's official app.

If you really love the dance meme, this app beats combing YouTube, yourself. Harlem Shake collects hundreds of videos for your viewing pleasure. If you just can't get enough of this trendy dance, this app is for you. Just don't get offended when the novelty junkies tease you for continuing to fancy the Harlem Shake all these months later.

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