Guess Word 1.3 Review

Use the clues to unlock the secret word in Guess Word.

Love a good guessing game? Guess Word, which tests your ability to match words to picture clues, is a simple but enjoyable little app. This game won't be terribly difficult for the average wordsmith, but it can be fun. If you like fast-paced guessing games, this easy app will probably tickle your fancy.

If you've ever played any Pictionary-like guessing game, Guess Word won't be too tough for you. The app greets you with four pictures that share a common theme. You'll get a pile of Scrabble-like letters to choose from that end up making the secret word. If you get it right, you win some coins and stars that will help you unlock more word puzzles. The puzzles are easy enough that you'll plow through most of them in seconds. The only ad you'll find in the game is a bottom banner ad that stays out of the way of the game's neat, faux-wood layout. You probably won't even notice it. Guess Word will occasionally ask you -- with surprisingly bad grammar -- to rate the app in the Google Play store, too.

It's not the most elaborate game in the world, but it's a decent way to waste time. Guess Word has enough puzzles to keep most players content. The only issue is that the difficultly level doesn't really increase with time. That kills the replay value unless you're the type that has to finish any game you start.

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