Gold/Silver Spot Price Widget 1.0 Review

Get a constantly-updated price of gold and silver on your home screen with Gold/Silver Spot Price Widget.

Though gold may not fluctuate as much as the dollar, it's nice to keep track of how prices are doing. Gold/Silver Spot Price Widget delivers updates right to your home screen for both gold, platinum, and silver. It doesn't let you customize much about its appearance, but the prices are updated often and prove to be pretty accurate.

Gold/Silver Spot Price Widget features a simple, 2X2 whiteboard with the prices for gold, silver, and platinum. The price appears to be price per ounce, but it doesn't tell you how it's measuring the price or where it's getting the price from. It doesn't let you change the measurements from the app, either. In fact, nothing about the widget is customizable. You're stuck with the basic 2X2 board to find out how your gold is doing. The prices are accurate enough, but a simple Google search would help you find them, too. This widget is not free, so to use it you'll need to pay $0.99.

Despite the lack of any customization options, Gold/Silver Spot Price Widget performs well and does what it claims to do, accurately. If you'd rather spend $0.99 than do the searches manually, this app will do the heavy lifting for you.

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