Galaxy Font For FlipFont@ free 1.1 Review

Add 20 new fonts to your Android gadget with Galaxy Font For FlipFont@ free.

You're lucky if your Android gadget came with more than three fonts by default. Galaxy Font For FlipFont@ free tries to liven things up by adding around 20 fonts to your phone, but it isn't terribly easy to install. While the fonts are certainly stylish, you might have more trouble than you want actually getting them onto your gadget.

This font pack is designed to work with a program called FlipFont?, which is remarkably hard to find online. Samsung and Nokia devices can usually get it, but most other phones will need to be rooted to install these fonts. Anytime you load the actual app, it hits you with a "Please rate us!" pop-up that gets annoying quickly. The interface offers three options: Font Preview, which actually shows you what the fonts look like, Go To Settings shortcut, and More Fonts. There is also a Help link where you'll be able to see which phones are supported. If your device is not rooted you won't be able to set anything or do anything with this app other than just browse through the available fonts, which we admit look great. Less experienced users might well have given up by this point, but for those willing to invest some time in actually getting the fonts, this app does have some nice choices. There are fancy script fonts, goofy fonts, professional fonts, and even a few interesting Old English fonts.

If your smartphone can use the fonts, you'll appreciate the variety this app can add to your gadget. If you have a Samsung, Nokia, or rooted Android, download Galaxy Font For FlipFont@ free and give it a shot. However, it is not recommended for the newbie.

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