Funny GIFs viewer 2.2 Review

Browse hundreds of GIFs available on this animated image board.

Animated GIFs have practically become a form of currency online. Funny GIFs Viewer lets you sift through or download dozens of them to find the best ones in circulation. It's easy to use and the user-voting system makes sure you see the funniest ones. The biggest warning is that some of the content isn't suitable for everyone and you could find some of the GIFs offensive.

Since all of the GIFs are user-submitted, there are definitely a few surprises. One of the highest ranked GIFs during testing was an NC-17 image that looked downright pornographic. Since there's no preview feature, you'll be hit with some that may offend you when you view them in their entirety. There was a fair share of profanity, too. However, the user-policing made it certain that some truly hilarious images made it to the top of the chart, as well. The headings in Funny GIFs Viewer -- all videos and recently uploaded -- makes browsing through dozens of videos at once very simple. The small buttons made downloading or leaving comments almost impossible, though. The size scales based on your phone or tablet, but it could afford to be much larger.

If you can't get enough of GIFs, this app is a good one to have in your collection. Just make sure you prepare yourself to see some serious adult content. Otherwise, the content on Funny GIFs Viewer might offend you just as often as it makes you laugh.

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