Flow Line: Branch 1.1.1 Review

Connect the dots to create cool branch designs with Flow Line Branch game for Android.

If you're looking for a fun, engaging game to while away the hours, look no further than this neat, connect-the-dots app. Flow Line Branch presents a really challenging spin on the Flow format that's gaining steam in mobile gaming. It's not only fun, but your mind will definitely get a workout solving these tough puzzles.

Unlike other flow games, Flow Line Branch requires you to connect multiple lines to the same multicolored circles. Since you don't have nearly as much room as you'll need to do it easily, you'll need plenty or trial and error to figure things out. The quicker you solve puzzles, the more coins you earn. Coins are great for buying hints, but you need hundreds just to buy one hint. Since the game is challenging, it would be nice if hints were cheaper. It would also be nice if the field of play was a little bigger. As it is now, one accidental slip can ruin your entire puzzle and force you to start from scratch. Considering how complex the puzzles are, this can be downright infuriating. The frequent ads can be annoying, too.

Except for those weird design choices, this game can be a lot of fun. However, if physics puzzles aren't really your thing, you might find it a little challenging. If you're looking for a tough game that trains your brain, Flow Line Branch is right up your alley. Just don't be surprised if it frustrates you more than you expected it to.

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