Flow Frenzy 1.2.3 Review

Have loads of fun drawing lines to connect patterns in this highly-addictive game.

Cell phones have pushed the boundaries of what seemingly simple dots and lines can really do. Flow Frenzy owes a good bit of its gameplay to early phone favorite Snake. Instead of just eating dots, you're connecting them in this interesting puzzler. This game is a fun, free time killer with thousands of levels to explore.

Flow Frenzy welcomes puzzle lovers with minimalistic design, great graphics, and plenty of options. The aim of this game is to connect the dots without any intersecting lines. It sounds simple and boring, but the game's challenges are enjoyable after you breeze through the first few easy levels. Unlike other games, there are no obnoxious ads in between each level, but you will see the occasional "Rate this game" pop-up. Each level increases your progress toward the 30 goals the game encourages you to complete. Completing them all makes the game ridiculously challenging. Unfortunately, the game sometimes crashes on phones without a lot of memory. It's usually at the beginning of a game instead of in the middle of drawing a line, which makes the rare crashes less annoying. Despite its simple goal, it's surprisingly fun.

Flow Frenzy offers hours of line-drawing fun tucked away in its easy to use package, suitable for both adults and kids. If you want a new way to look at dots and lines, then this game is a true geometric delight. Just try to run a task killer before you play to prevent random crashes that may spoil the fun.

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