FB Plus for Facebook 1.2 Review

Surf Facebook in a new yet familiar way with FB Plus for Facebook.

Facebook's signature app is updated often but still manages to be too slow for many users. Sadly, most of the apps that offer a faster experience don't have much else to offer. You can add FB Plus for Facebook to that list as well. Not only is it slower than Facebook's own app, scrolling can make you a little green around the gills.

This app doesn't offer any big improvements over Facebook's app. FB Plus for Facebook offers a layout Facebook abandoned a few updates ago, with a few weirdly placed buttons and annoying banner ads. Since the buttons are redundant features, neither of those are particularly welcome additions to an already poor layout. The biggest nuisance is that the screen flickers and jitters as you scroll, which happens often when you're browsing Facebook. Even using it for a short time proved hard on the eyes (and stomach). As for speed, FB Plus for Facebook doesn't seem to perform any faster than Facebook. It actually loaded new pages a little slower. Not by much, but it was definitely noticeable.

There's really no reason to use this over the official Facebook app. Not only does FB Plus for Facebook inundate you with tons of ads, the jittery scrolling is inexcusable for an app that is 90 percent scrolling.

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