Facebook Online Notification 1.2.0 Review

Receive a notification on your Android device whenever your Facebook friends come online.

Need to talk with a friend but don't want to waste precious time on Facebook? This nifty app can alert you when they sign on. Facebook Online Notifications works well overall, but you may find it to be a drain on your battery.

In our tests, it seemed like the app was only able to tell if someone was online if they had their chat on. While most Facebook users leave it on by default, you'll still have some who have it turned off, so you could miss some of your circle when they get on the site. Facebook Online Notification posts updates every 20 seconds if you want, which is definite overkill. Even the five- minute intervals that the app tops out at will be a drain on your battery. When your friends finally get online, you can't interact with them from the app. If you want to talk to them, you have to launch another app, which limits this app's usefulness somewhat. It does save you from constantly having to monitor when your friends have signed in, though.

Facebook Online Notification offers a quick and useful alert when your Facebook friends are available. Just make sure you turn the notifications down a little to save you battery life and headaches.

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