Easy Keyboard v1.03 Review

Replace the default Android keyboard with a completely new layout.

Finding the perfect keyboard for your smartphone can be a challenge. Easy Keyboard offers a whole new way to look at texting on your phone. The only problem is that it's not one of the most convenient ways to text.

As with any other keyboard app on Android, your gadget tells you that the app can track what you type and more. During testing, there was no indication that Easy Keyboard was actually doing that, though. Once you get it up, it takes up almost half of your screen. To type anything, you need to touch the key you want and then swipe in the direction of the letter you want. Even after you've fully gotten used to typing this way, it's still slower than typing with Swype or any other smartphone keyboard. Since there are no predictive text options, you have to type every letter out manually. Even though this app is not pricey -- only $1 -- it's still a paid app and therefore it's competing with five-star apps like SwiftKey. It doesn't come anywhere near to stellar apps like these.

While it performs well, Easy Keyboard doesn't really offer a faster or easier way to type, just a different way to get the job done. Perhaps its usefulness comes down to user preference; some will like it while some won't.

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