Collage Maker 1.6 Review

Make collages to share with your friends and family with the help of Collage Maker, but know that there are some negatives dragging this app down.

Combining all of your smartphone's photos usually takes plenty of effort and editing know-how. Collage Maker makes it relatively seamless, but not without plenty of sacrifices. This app offers lots of layouts for you to use for collages, but it offers just as many ads and even annoying setting changes.

Before you can start making collages, the program asks you to accept its terms and conditions. These include loading your screen with ads, changing your default search engine, and slamming an ad page on your default browser. There are plenty of ways to get around these settings, but it doesn't make it any less annoying that they're there. The app, itself, does offer plenty of collage templates and filters you can use on your collages. However, you can't really edit the photos much once they're in your collage and Collage Maker often crashes when you try to add photos. Once you finish, it does let you share collages to social media. However, that often makes the app crash, as well.

If the app worked flawlessly, it might be worth forgiving the ads. However, the app's performance is suspect at best and downright glitchy at worst. Collage Maker will give you a decent looking collage, but not without giving you some major headaches first.

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