Candy Crush Match 1.1 Review

Make candy explode by matching like pairs in Candy Crush Match game.

This game has become your favorite game on Facebook, and now you can play a new version on your smartphone. Candy Crush Match isn't nearly as polished or as fun as the true version of the game, but it's still a decent way to while away some time.

Though the name is the same, this game isn't made by the same folks who make the popular series of Facebook games. It's made in the same style of the Facebook Candy Crush Match and other matching games like Bejeweled, though. Picking up and playing Candy Crush Match is simple, but your taps have to be precise considering how small the playing field is. There aren't really any perks for finishing levels and the really lengthy time limit makes the game almost too easy. Still, Candy Crush Match doesn't have any distracting ads in the app, although it will sneak ads onto your status bar randomly. If you're a big fan of these types of games, it may not prove as challenging as others in the genre, but it's fine for entertaining you in short bursts during your spare time.

Android users who love Bejeweled and sliding matching games will probably like Candy Crush Match, as well. It doesn't do enough to really stand out, but it is well designed and offered free of charge.

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